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Subhayathra tours is offering top class quality and meaningful devotional tours for the past fifteen years. Our tours are crafted with love, care, understanding and professionalism. Our driver cum guide shall support you in each step until you have a soulful experience to cherish for a lifetime.

We also offer customised tour packages covering top pilgrimages across South and North India.

Our Mission: - To provide enriching devotional tours, without compromising on the quality of the services.

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Awesome Tirupathi

More than 50,000 to 100,000 pilgrims will have Darshan of preciding deity, Lord Venkateswara, while on special occasions and festivals, like the annual Brahmotsavams, the number of pilgrims visiting the temple shoots up to 500,000, making it the most-visited holy place in the world.[6] To manage the huge number of Devotees visiting the temple, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams had constructed two Vaikuntam Queue Complexes one in the year 1983 and the other in the year 2000. Vaikuntam Queue complexes will have rooms where Devotees can sit and wait until their turn for Darshan. According to tradition, it is important for a devotee to have darshan of Bhuvaraha swamy temple lying on the northern banks of Swami Pushkarini before having Darshan of Lord Venkateswara in main temple.

Srivaari Video


Tirupati Laddu offered to Lord Venkateswara at Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala

Hair tonsuring

Many devotees have their head tonsured as "Mokku", an offering to God. The daily amount of hair collected is over a tonr

Hundi (donation pot)

It is believed that Srinivasa had to make arrangements for his wedding. Lord Kubera credited money to Lord Venkateswara for his marriage with Padmavathi


Devotees usually offer sugar, jaggery, tulsi leaves, banana, gold, coins. This is mostly performed with newborn babies or children.

Adventurous Ahobilam

"Aho Veeryam Aho Souryarn Aho Bahuparakramah
Naarasimham Param Daivam Ahobilam Aho Balam"

The Nine Narasimhasthalas Are :- 1. Jwala Narasimha 2. Ahobila Narasimha 3. Malola Narasimha 4. Kroda Narasimha 5. Karanja Narasimha 6. Bhargava Narasimha 7. Yogananda Narasimha 8. Kshatravata Narasimha And 9. Pavana Or Holy Narasimha.

Long Long Ago, The Tamil Mystic Bard, Thirumangai Azhwar Sang That Singavel Kunram (Ahobilam) Was Accessible To None But Gods.

Due To The Efforts Of The Current 45th Srimad Azhagiyasingar, The Access Routes To Several Of The Shrines Have Been Greatly Simplified Such That People Of Different Age Groups Are Now Able To Visit The Places Easily.

Ahobilam Is Located In Karnool District Of Andhra Pradesh In The Hills Of The Eastern Ghats, About 400 Km Northwest Of Chennai. Its One Of The Vaishnava Divya Desam.
The Eastern Ghats Are Likened To The Great Serpent Adhisesha Basking In The Sun With Its Head (or Hood) At Thirumala, Its Middle At Ahobilam And Its Tail- End Portion At Srisailam - All The Three With Famous Temples On Them.
Ahobilam Is The Place Where The Lord Killed Hiranyakasipu And Saved Prahalada. Mahalakshmi Took Avathar As Senjulakshmi Among The Senju, Tribal Hunters Of The Hills, And Married The Lord. Ahobilam Is The Jenma Shetram Of Lord Narasimma Swamy.
Seperate Packages Can Be Arranged On Any Date For A Group Of 5 And Above.
Tour To Ahobilam Starts From Chennai Every Week And For Swathi Tirunakshatram Every Month. Generally The Week End Tour Starts At Friday Evening And Will Return By Sunday Night. The Package Comprises Of Vegetarian Food Prepared By Udipi Iyengar And Accommodation In Ahobilam.

Ahobilam Video

Day 1

Starts From Chennai Around 8 Pm.

Day 2

Reach Ahobilam By Morning. Start To Darshan Of Lower Ahobilam. Breakfast At Lower Ahobilam. Darshan Of Ahobila, Malola, Karanja, Varaha, Jwala Narasimhar. Lunch At Lower Ahobilam. Darshan Of Yoganandha And Chatravata Narasimhar. Dinner And Stay At Lower Ahobilam.

Day 3

Start To Darshan For Lower Ahobilam. Breakfast At Lower Ahobilam. Darshan Of Pavana Narasimhar And Bargava Narasimhar( Trekking Jeep ). Lunch At Lower Ahobilam. Return To Chennai.


4 Seater, 6 Seater Innova& 12 Seaters Tempo Traveller (a/c Only) Is Available..

About Mantralaya

chennai to mantralayam tour package

Mantralaya is one of the important pilgrimage centers in South India as it houses the original samadhi of the great Vaishnava saint Sri Raghavendra. Sri Ragahavendra selected Mantralaya for his Jeeva Samadhi. Devotees visit Mantralaya to have the darshan of the Brindavan of Sri Raghavendra. The mutt is situated on the banks of river Tungabhadra in the state of Andhra Pradesh bordering Karnataka.

About Srisailam

chennai to srisailam tour packageSrisailam is a holy Saivite temple situated in the top of Nallamalai hills in the Karnool district of Telangana. It is situated rightside of bank of river Krishna, hence one can take a holy dip in this sacred river at Pathala Ganga(quarry), after taking either a small trek down the steps or thru Rope Way. Both the routes are interesting and enjoyable and kids love them.

Srisailam is not just a temple but a kshetram as well as a Mukthi Stallam. Generally, in every temple, either the God or Goddess will be powerful, however at Srisailam both are powerful, Lord Mallikarjuna is one among 12 Jyothirlingas and for Goddess Bhramaramba, it is one among 18 Maha Sakthi Peetam. The temple is quite ancient, has Shivalinga consecrated by Lord Rama in Threta Yuga, another by Pandavas in Dwapara Yuga. Saint Adi Sankara had composed the famous Sivananda Lahari and Soundarya Lahari, 100 verses each in praise of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati after getting a divine vision of them. Has innumerable legends associated with very prominent devotees like Akka Mahadevi and Mallamma.